Bringing the colorful passion of collegiate spirit was the owner’s, Laura Malkawi's, goal when founding Stone Armory. She remembers going to her first football game at The Ohio State University, where over 100,000 fans filled the stadium, and the spirit that emanated throughout the entire game.

Each college charm, bead, and jewelry takes an extraordinary amount of time to design and paint. It is her goal to capture the passion of an entire stadium in each design. These fine pieces of jewelry allow college fans of all ages to "arm" themselves with their team spirit.

Laura attended The Ohio State University and always desired to have her own business. She loved attending Business Builder's Club meetings to help with meeting this passion. This business is a dream brought to reality, as she loves college football and being able to travel to all the states, visiting the universities and meeting the people who live there. She wants all future entrepreneurs to know her first piece of advice is to just start and do what you can. After almost three years, Stone Armory still has ways to grow!

Stone Armory is dedicated to maintaining its brand and integrity of the company. To Laura, this means that she carefully selects socially responsible manufacturers that maintain quality controls, responds to customer inquiries promptly, and guarantees satisfaction.  Stone Armory will do this by providing quality products that have been inspected by Laura, and by providing excellent customer service.

To all of you, from all of us at Stone Armory, we thank you for shopping with us!